Brighter Future Funds

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A Brighter Future Fund allows you, your family and friends to raise money together in memory of someone special.

It’s a lasting and meaningful tribute that will help create a brighter future for children and families at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Create a lasting tribute

At a time of loss many people want to do something to help.

A dedicated Brighter Future Fund in memory of someone special, built by their family and friends, will see their legacy continue to grow and inspire over time. Working together, you can create a lasting tribute in your loved one's memory while helping children at GOSH.

Your dedication and generosity will help GOSH accomplish amazing things and enable the staff to provide the extraordinary care the hospital is so well known for. It means our patients have access to life-changing medical advances through the latest facilities, cutting edge equipment and ground-breaking research. It also means we can enrich the hospital experience through play and restful outdoor spaces as well as providing vital support for children and their families.

How can a tribute fund help?

The Lexi Mace Brighter Future Fund

"We can only feel grateful to Great Ormond Street Hospital. When the role of the doctors and nurses was no longer needed the family liaison team took over and carried us through the worst week of ourlives. They have continued to support us long after, helping us through a world we never knew before. When thinking of something positive we could do, my immediate thoughts were to raise money for the amazing hospital that tried to save our baby. Our little girl was with us for a moment but has created a lifetime of love. Her legacy we hope will be one of a brighter future for the sickest of children and their families in a time of need.”

Sophie Mace, Lexi’s Mum.