Build your own dragon

A homemade dragon!

Create a fiery friend for stay-at-home adventures!

What to do

Find two egg boxes and paint. Then, make small holes at the ends of each box and attach them with treasury tags, paper fasteners or string.

Turn the boxes over and cut two of the egg cups off from the bottom to make the dragon’s eyes. Colour in the centre of each circle to make its pupils, then stick the eyes on.

On some other paper, draw a tail, a tongue and some flames, then colour them in. Cut them out and stick them to your dragon, then draw some nostrils under the eyes with a black pen.

Support from the Play team

“Making your own mythical creature is a fantastic opportunity for some imaginative role play. Designing the dragon with bright colours will help to evoke joy as children create a personalised new toy.” 

Your very own homemade fiery friend