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GOSH Play team says:

“The ways in which the principle of the memory box can be applied are so broad – when a child is dealing with a change of environment or a loss, it can help them to keep a little of that comfort while adapting to their new normal.”

If a child is dealing with a difficult loss, whether that’s a beloved pet or moving schools and leaving friends behind, a memory box gives them a bespoke and uniquely personal resource. One that helps them deal with the prospect of imminent change, and then come to terms with the reality of it.

A powerful tool for children of all ages

Memory boxes can consist of artwork, books, photos, even sound recordings and video – they should seek to capture the unique details and comforts of the person, place or routine that a child is set to lose. In this way, memory boxes are a form of therapeutic play.

We spoke to Play worker Sallyanne, who creates memory boxes at GOSH to help families and children come to terms with loss.

Here, she explains the value of this activity, and how it can be broadly applied to so many situations.

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