Horrid Henry and the Groovy Grandma

  • Video
  • Age 4+
Horrid Henry holding up a framed photo. The photo shows his grandmother holding him as a baby, with his mother sat next to them

This activity helps with:

GOSH Play team says:

“Finding space for reflection and the discussion of memories can sometimes bring feelings and emotions to the surface. This can help a child or young person cope with losing someone. In difficult times, remembering the good can be a helpful tonic.”

Watch as Horrid Henry learns about loss

When Horrid Henry finds his Mum looking through her memory box, it leads to a conversation which not only helps them to express and understand their feelings about the loss of Horrid Henry’s grandmother but also to explore the power of play as a way of being together.

The film runs for just over 5 minutes, and we encourage you to find a quiet moment to watch the animation with the children in your life, making sure you have the time to explore any questions or feelings that arise from watching the story.

To hear more about memory boxes and the power of play, and how these principles can be applied to other forms of loss or worry, try our Memory Box activity.

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