Kitchen role play

Spark their imaginations by helping them to craft their own oven and washing machine. 

What to do

Find two good-sized, sturdy cardboard boxes. Meet your new oven and washing machine! Start by drawing a circle or square on one side of your box and cutting it out. Leave part of the circle or square attached to the box if you want to add a working door to your creation. 

Measure around bottle tops and lids, cutting out the outlines carefully and putting the tops and lids back through the space to represent the dials and buttons on your appliances. 

Use foil, old packaging or circles of cardboard and stick these on top of the box to represent a cooking ring or extra dial on your washing machine. Paint and decorate with your choice of colour and extra features. 

Add some real-life props including pots, pans, a washing basket and laundry to bring the new appliances to life! 

Support from the Play team

“Role play is a really important part of play and learning. Children can take this activity in any direction they want and feel in control of their play.”