Plan your fundraising

A fundraiser plans bucket collecting at an event for GOSH

If you're looking for support on how best to do your fundraising, have a look below and see if we can help. If not, get in touch - we love hearing from you!

Plan Your Event

The health and safety of all our supporters is a priority and we want to make sure you're keeping safe whilst planning your event. Due to the current challenges posed by COVID-19, please ensure that you follow government guidelines around events and social distancing. Please also follow our Community Fundraising guidelines and ensure you adhere to all health and safety laws when organising or taking part in your event.

Coffee mornings

What could be better than raising money for GOSH through coffee and cake? Whether you're planning for the future or would like to host a virtual or socially distanced coffee morning, download our guide here.

Check out our Bake it Better event too and register now for your free fundraising pack.

The GOSH Quiz

We have a number of quizzes available to download - make sure you register your quiz with us here so we can make sure you have everything you need to make your event a real success.


Looking for an addition to your fundraising? Try one of our fun sweepstake posters and help create a better future for children at GOSH.

Golf Day

As Golf courses have started to open, there are so many different ideas you can use to raise funds at your gold day. Whether you're doing something now with social distancing in mind or planning something for the future, our golf page has some top tips for you:

Stay safe whilst fundraising

Due to the challenges of COVID-19, we want to make sure you're keeping safe whilst fundraising. If you're planning any fundraising events for the future, we have the following guides to help make it a fundraising success. Please make sure that all fundraising activity is adhering to any current government guidelines around events and social distancing.

Pay in your fundraising money

Use our sponsorship form to collect donations for your fundraising event.

You can also collect donations online by creating your own JustGiving page. Once you've set it up, make the page your own and then share the link with friends, family and anyone taking part. People will be able to donate directly and the money will find its way to us without you doing a thing. Check out our Promote your Fundraising page to see how you can make the most of livestreaming and connecting a Strava account to your JustGiving page, too.

After you've finished your fundraising, you can use our paying in form to send us the money you have raised.

More information

The fundraising team are on hand to help make your fundraising a success. Call the team on 020 3841 3131 or email

We are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. If you're calling at any other time, just leave a message and we'll call you back.