About Friends of Adeona

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Our Friends of Adeona represents those supporters who have had the greatest impact on the work of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Sepia photograph from 1938 showing Peter Pan story time with patients

1938 - story time with patients

Adeona was the Roman Goddess who helped to guide children safely back home.

We feel that this reflects the shared aim of this group – to provide the best care possible to sick children and their families and help to get them home as quickly as possible.

An invitation to become part of the Friends of Adeona is the highest form of recognition that Great Ormond Street Hospital is able to bestow on our supporters.

Such generosity helps us to advance paediatric healthcare at both a national and international level, enabling us to rebuild and re-equip the hospital and to support ground-breaking new research into the treatment of life-threatening children’s illnesses.

The Friends of Adeona was created especially to recognise our most generous benefactors without whom Great Ormond Street Hospital would not be the world-class children’s research hospital it is today.